Friday, January 20, 2017

It is Dictatorship Stupid!

The US presidential inauguration ceremony is a reminder of how precious democracy is and how invaluable is life under the rule of law. For over 200 years peaceful transfer of power took place, even in most politically divisive times, like the one we have today in the inauguration of Donald Trump.
Being involved in the last few years with efforts to facilitate and support transition to democracy in Syria, I have been appalled to witness the ugly face of military dictatorships violently crushing even the slightest demands for genuine political participation.

US governments should live up to the true spirit of America's democracy and support efforts at democratization in the Middle East, instead of supporting dictatorships and military regimes. This will not only reconcile US foreign policy with the American spirit, but would also deal effectively with the root cause of terrorism, namely the suffocating and inhumane dictatorial rule by corrupt oligarchies.
Will the Trump administration support democratic movements in the Middle East? I doubt it. Based on what we already know about Trump Team's thinking, the new administration will continue to pursue the very policies that empower extremism and generate desperation and violence in the Middle East.
Let me say it one more time: It is dictatorship stupid!

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